Welcome to First Step, an eight-part video series featuring athletes engaging communities most affected by today's social issues, from education and unemployment, to child hunger and homelessness among LGBTQ youth. In each episode, an athlete takes the first step to improve lives and impact their communities.

First Step: Curtis Granderson

As a kid, I remember missing breakfast on occasion - but thinking "lunch is coming soon". Then, if I missed lunch, those times in between meals would feel terrible. I don't want anyone to feel like that.

First Step: Megan Rapinoe

I think the first step to fixing the discrimination is by listening to the stories and being open-minded about what it is these LGBTQ members are struggling with.

First Step: Michael Thomas

Before I went to high school, I did have a fear of law enforcement. But over time, I learned to appreciate them as people, and it's important that we're all taught to do that from a young age.

First Step: Tony Finau

We all have a different story but we're connected as one through our culture. I'm happy to come back to where I know my roots are.

First Step: Jimmy Butler

When I hang out with kids from Chicago, I get to find out how they want to change the world.

First Step: Justise Winslow

The Son of a Saint program gives boys without a father figure in their lives the opportunity to succeed in a supportive environment.

First Step: Donald Driver

I believe that God put me on this earth not to be a football player, but to give me the platform to do what I'm doing today: inspire, motivate and change lives.

First Step: Richard Sherman

I always felt like there was more to the inner city, that there was more to places like where I come from. There were great people there who could make it, who could be successful, who could mean something to…