How We Got Our Grind Back

We’re back on our grind. And when we’re on our grind, we feel like we can compete with anybody.

Still Alive

Our plane is crashing, we're out of control, we’re on the runway going some outrageous speed, and our entire team — all of Michigan Basketball, plus families, almost 120 people total — is in serious trouble. Our plane is literally…

Big, Small Town: My Introduction to Dallas

After I signed with the Mavericks, I packed up my things and got on a one-way flight to Dallas. I landed to find a city in mourning.

You Don’t Know Me

I just turned 41, and while I don’t feel like I need to win everybody over, I do think it’s necessary to set some things straight.

The American Dream

That was always one of the things I loved about baseball … it allowed me to dream.

El Sueño Americano

Esa era una de las cosas que más me gustaba del béisbol… me dejaba soñar.

The Number 9

It’s important that we bring pride back to our country. We know that’s what supporters have been waiting for as well.

For Brendan Burke

How could a 21 years old kid just suddenly die? I didn’t feel as invincible after that night.

Play Angry

I still can’t believe how many people all over the country know who the Shockers are.

Thank You, Thank You, Merci, Vancouver

I still remember the day that I became a Canuck. I mean I remember it exactly: January 2, 2006. Don’t even think about asking me if I looked it up. Seriously, get out of here with that question. I’ll always…

Why I Stayed in New York

I would say that how close my ranch is to the Mets’ facility was 30% of why I decided to re-sign with New York. The other 70% was a combination of a few different factors.

Por Qué Me Alojé en Nueva York

Diría que la ubicación de mi hacienda en relación con los campos de entrenamiento de los Mets fue el 30% del porque decidí firmar con los Mets este año. El otro 70% fue una combinación de otros factores.