Welcome to The Players’ POV, a video series featuring athletes freely speaking their minds on issues most important to them. No pretense. No gimmick. Just a camera.

Why We’re Talking about Race

Anquan Boldin, Malcolm Jenkins and Glover Quin discuss how law enforcement and race issues have impacted their lives.

I Wear My Emotions on My Sleeve

I wear my emotions on my sleeve. That’s just who I am.

They’re Gonna Use Us Up

As dedicated as we players are to this game, it's getting more and more difficult to ignore the fact that we don’t have a league that shows the same kind of dedication when it comes to taking care of the…

My Final Season

I'm at peace with retiring, but I've got one more ride left. One more season.

In My Mind

In this special edition of The Players’ POV, we get inside the mind of an MVP, as Cam Newton talks winning, losing and the one game in 9th grade that changed his mindset forever.

'I Was Dying a Very Slow Death'

This week, I sat down in front of the camera again to be as honest as I can about my own struggles, and to talk about my sincere belief that we can help each other through the darkness.

Double Standard: Pain, Pills and Marijuana

In this video, I talk about what I believe is a double standard in the way private institutions deal with -- and talk about -- marijuana with regard to treating pain.


I want to share this with you today on my 40th birthday, because I want the focus this season to be on the team and bringing a championship back to the city of Boston. Thanks to everyone for the support,…

I’m Done (Video)

In the latest installment of The Players' POV, former Packers WR Adrian Coxson opens up about the effects of his concussion, his decision to retire and the unassuming hit that ended his NFL career before it even began.

I Do This for a Living (Video)

New York Liberty players and WNBA veterans Swin Cash, Tanisha Wright and Essence Carson speak personally on race, gender and the visibility of all professional female athletes.

Getting It Right (Video)

Let’s just say that free agency wasn’t what I expected it to be. As it turns out, deciding what your future is going to be like is mostly a headache.

Chase What You Love (Video)

A week after my decision to return to Cleveland, I did this video to break down some of my thoughts ... starting with the gut-wrenching feeling I had watching the Warriors hoist the trophy after Game 6 of the Finals.