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TPT Assist is proud to team up with American Family Insurance, a champion of dreams, to shine a spotlight on athletes who go beyond their sport to support others and are turning their passions into purpose.

Lost in My Mind

Often, I was just bouncing off the walls — trying to stay so busy that I would never notice what a mess my life had become. When you strip down a man to just his mind, you see who he…

Who the Real Heroes Are

We will fight for those affected by Fanconi anemia every single day, and we won’t stop until we find a cure.

For the Strongest Kid I Know

Love beats cancer, Trucker. Even if the time comes that cancer takes you from this earth, that won’t mean that cancer has won. Because love always wins.

For Coach Lynch, The Man Who Changed My Life

I grew up in District Heights, Maryland. It was a rough area outside Washington, D.C., home to a lot of drugs and gang violence. It was the type of place where, even in middle school, kids kept guns in their…

The Tree

And as soon as my mom leaves the room … well, that’s when I find out what ALS really is, in the most 2016 way possible: by googling it on my phone. Two sentences into reading the diagnosis, my heart…

TPT Assist insired by American Family Insurance

Every dream needs a champion.

JJ Watt, Kevin Durant and Derek Jeter aren’t just all-stars. They’re champions of dreams. All dreams require hard work and support from those who believe in you. Follow as they surprise dreamers with a little extra support.

Spreading Holiday Cheer in the Queen City

For the third year in a row, “Santa Cam” Newton’s Surprise Sleigh made four stops around the Charlotte area, surprising kids and others in need this holiday season with backpacks, toys, food and other supplies.

My Favorite Holiday

Christmas is a time to be thankful for the people around you who have helped you throughout the year, and also to give back to the people you see in need. And we try our best to help as many…

What Courage Looks Like

In Charlotte, I usually get recognized for being a basketball player. Either that or just a tall guy who still looks a little lost walking around downtown. But Elizabeth knew me first as a cartoon character.

I’m a Foster Kid in the NFL

Growing up in the foster system can make you feel like you’re living life at a disadvantage. I know because I’ve done it.

Inside My Week 13 Cleat Design

Watch as Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shares the story behind his cause, as well as his cleat design.

The Story Behind My Cleats

A few years ago, I met a little boy in Wisconsin named Jack Bartosz. Jack was battling pediatric cancer, but you wouldn’t have known it from his demeanor.